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100 DAYS: APC Support Group Addresses Press on Tinubu’s Achievements



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Engineer Salisu Magaji, the Chairman of the Amalgamated APC Support Group, held a press conference at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Secretariat in Kano to discuss President Timubu’s first hundred days in office.

In a candid address to the press, Engineer Salisu Magaji, the Chairman of the Amalgamated APC Support Group, provided insights into the achievements and challenges faced by President Timubu during his initial hundred days in office.

One of the prominent issues discussed during the conference was the longstanding challenge of fuel subsidy in Nigeria. Chairman Magaji acknowledged that this has been a persistent problem affecting both the economy and the daily lives of Nigerians.

Magaji further revealed that significant efforts are underway to address the issue of Nigeria’s refineries. He disclosed that repair and rehabilitation work is actively being carried out to improve the functionality of these critical facilities, which play a vital role in the nation’s energy sector.

Regarding the timeline for these refinery repairs, Magaji confidently stated that the aim is to have them operational before the end of the year, providing a glimmer of hope for Nigeria’s energy future.

On the economic front, the chairman highlighted that foreign investors have shown increased interest in Nigeria, demonstrating confidence in the nation’s potential. This is seen as a positive sign for the country’s economic growth and development.

Turning the discussion towards security, Engineer Salisu Magaji emphasized that security is a national assignment that requires the collective effort of every Nigerian. He stressed the importance of unity and cooperation in addressing the country’s security challenges.

In a closing remark, Chairman Magaji used a local proverb to convey the notion that meaningful progress takes time, stating, “You cannot build a room overnight.” This sentiment echoed the understanding that addressing complex national issues, including economic challenges and security, requires patience, dedication, and a concerted effort from all stakeholders.

As President Timubu’s tenure progresses, the nation will be watching closely to see how these issues are addressed and the impact they will have on Nigeria’s future

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