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2022 Flood: NEMA Donates Reliefs Materials to 22,202 Households In Kebbi



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By Abdullahi Faruk Birnin Kebbi


National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in collaboration with Kebbi State government via State Emergency Management Agency(SEMA) has donates and Flagg-off distribution reliefs materials/ items to 22, 202 verified households of the year 2022 affected victims of flood across 21 LGAS of the state.

The Flagging-off distribution of reliefs materials ceremony was held in Bulasa on Friday in Birnin Kebbi, the state capital. But the distribution will be in two phase and the first phase commenced today with 9,101 affected victims.

In his remarks, Director General (DG) NEMA Mustapha Habib, said in the year 2022 there was series of flooding cases in many states of the federation and Kebbi state is inclusive where NEMA personnel in collaboration with Kebbi State Emergency Management Agency(SEMA) took assessment of all the affected Households across 21 LGAS of the state and verified.

” We are able to identify and verified 22, 202 affected Households victims of the said flood of the year 2022 in Kebbi state and federal government have approved the donation of reliefs materials/ items to all the affected victims nationwide, he explained”.

The Director General of NEMA, who was represented by Alhaji Ismail Yusuf further stated that at that year about 864,854 was verified Nationwide but Kebbi state along have 22,202 affected victims. So today we are here to Flagg off the distribution ceremony of the reliefs materials donated to Kebbi state.

” We Donates the following reliefs materials to Kebbi State such as : Granding machines, Sewing machines, mattress, blackets, mosquito nets, bockets, cooking stuff, Rice and Granut oil. Then faming inputs are: Paddy Rice Seeds, pesticide, water pumps machines to all the affected and verified Households”. He mentioned”.

He urges the beneficiaries of the state not to sale any of the materials donated to them, it’s a relief provided by the said federal government to sympathized with you and also to show it concern over what happened to you people. On this note, I appealed to all of you to make use of this items judiciously.

“We wish you well and we continue to look after providing you with more support to be able to continue with your normal live, we thanked you all. We also want to extend our profound appreciation to kebbi State governor Dr. Nasir Idris and SEMA for good cordial working relationship and understanding in the area of discharging our statutory duties whenever it comes up. He appreciated”.

Speaking at the Flagging -off ceremony, Governor Nasir Idris represented by his Deputy Sen. Abubakar Umar Tafida, assured federal government and DG NEMA transparency in the distribution of all the items donated to the affected victims in Kebbi state Godwilling.

The governor said ” State government have already set up a committee to take charge of the distribution and ensure it gets to all the verified households that was affected by flood in the year 2022 in the state, he explained”. He promised DG NEMA that nobody among those that was affected in the state that will sold any of the items donated, because part of the committee mandate is to ensure that no one sold his or her items and monitor judicious usage.

He further explained” that all the Commissioners in the affected LGAS, SSAs, Council Chairmen among other will serve as committee Chairmen and members who was suddled with the responsibility of ensuring all items donated to the victims gets to them without diverting or siphoning any of the items meant for the victims, he warned”.

Equally, call on the beneficiaries to ensure judicious usage of all the items donated to them and continue to support federal government and the state under the leadership of Bola Ahmed Tunibu and Dr. Nasir Idris for the support provided to you. Adding that more support and palliatives will gets to you soon, so have confidence on the present administration it have many plans for you.

He then expressed his appreciation and happiness over the donation of reliefs materials to his State and the affected Households victims, we thanked the federal government and DG NEMA for their support to Kebbi state.

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