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2023 CENSUS: NPC Committee Visits Media Houses In Kano, Seeks Support Through Public Awareness



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The National Census Publicity Committee, led by Dr. Garba Abari, Director-General of the National Orientation Agency in Nigeria, continued their advocacy visits to critical stakeholders in Kano State on Friday

The committee said it’s aim is to create awareness and garner support for the upcoming 2023 Population and Housing Census.

The committee visited four media houses, namely Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria (Pyramid FM), Radio Kano, and the Triumph Newspaper in Kano State.

The National Census Publicity Committee requested the support of the media houses to sensitize and educate the public about the importance of participating in the 2023 Census.

They expressed concern about the misinformation circulating on social media platforms that the census aims to suppress the Muslim figures by asking questions about respondents’ religious affiliation.

The National Population Commission has made it clear that the 2023 Census will not inquire about the religious or ethnic affiliations of the respondents.

They emphasized that the census data is essential for development planning purposes only.

The heads of the four media houses in Kano State reaffirmed their support during the visits.

They pledged to assist in ensuring the successful conduct of the 2023 Census through public enlightenment and mass mobilization.

In recognition of their support, the General Manager of NTA Kano, Sani Yusuf Hanga; General Manager of FRCN (Pyramid FM) Kano, Malam Abba Bashir; Acting Managing Director of Radio Kano, Malam Nuhu Gudaji; and Editor of The Triumph Newspaper were decorated as 2023 Census Ambassadors.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Magatakardan Kazaure, Musa A. Kazaure

    April 15, 2023 at 3:43 pm

    The National Population Commission needs to come clean on allegations of bias against the Muslims in Nigeria. Wild allegation is currently spreading in the Social Media to the effect that the NPC Questionnaire carries an item on Religious Background for instance where names of Islamic Sects were mentioned and Muslims were asked to identify self by Sect instead of belonging to Islam! The Media too should seek the attention of NPC to clear this misgivings!

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