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Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo: Taking The Footsteps of Sir Ahmadu Bello—Adnan Mukhtar



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In the last 60 years since Nigeria’s independence, Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto, is considered as one of the best that happened to Northern Nigeria.

Gamji Uban Yan Boko, as called by many, is a distinguished lover of his people who has invested heavily in education of the Northern Region.

A clear example is how he makes Kaduna, the headquarters of the Northern Region, a Centre of Learning.

The Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, School of Aviation Technology, and many more institutes of learning were situated in Kaduna as part of his commitment to the education of his people.

Sir Ahmadu Bello, a descendant of Shehu Usman Dan Fodio, is a devoted muslim and one of the most generous people the North has produced.

He wasn’t a tribalist, nor a bigot but a Pan Nigerian who has employed non muslims as his personal aides. The late Dr Ishaya Abdu of blessed memory is a beneficiary of Sardauna’s tolerance for all.

One of the people that is today taking the footsteps of Sir Ahmadu Bello is Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo, the founder of Maryam Abacha American University of Nigeria, Niger, Canadian University of Nigeria and Franco-British International University, Kaduna.

Professor Gwarzo’s generosity knows no bound like the late Sardauna, who don’t get tired of giving.

Sir Ahmadu Bello had considered the hoarding of earthly wealth as meaningless in as much as a millionaire will not, when he dies, be buried with his millions.

“I prefer to share the little I have with those who have none at all with the belief that God whose command I thus obey will reward me in the next world. I can’t even hoard things for my children as many do.

For one thing, how do I know that my children, when I die, will not spend all the wealth I have thus amassed through tight-fistedness within twenty-four hours! Such a thing had happened to so many so-called rich men. Hasn’t it? I believe no one, but God can make anyone rich.”

Gwarzo, like the late Sardauna, has a passion for education, one reason why he is educating his people with thousands of students benefitting from his scholarship.

In his generous gesture, Gwarzo, of recent, gifted a well furnished house to one of his personal security guards, Mallam Sanda, in reward for his dedication and commitment to duty.

The billionaire businessman is a true definition of building people to achieve their personal development. I’m a beneficiary of Gwarzo’s kind gesture. He treats me like a father even though I consider him my second father.

I pray that may Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo continue to be emulating and building on the legacies of our mentor and grandfather Sir Ahmadu Bello (Sardaunan Sokoto).

Adnan is a media personality and writes from Kano

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