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CAJA Holds Stakeholders Meeting To Address Gender Based Violence In Tertiary Institutions



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Participants at a stakeholders meeting to mark the end of 2023 end of the year activism against gender based violence have called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to assent to the Sexual Harassment in Tertiary Educational Prohibition Bill, which is currently awaiting his approval.

The event which was organised by Center awareness on accountability and Justice ( CAJA) is aimed at bringing stakeholders together to discuss the menace of gender based violence especially in tertiary education institutions, and called on the president to assent to the said bill which is awaiting approval.

According to CAJA executive Director Kabiru Sa’idu Dakata, the bill is seen as a crucial step towards curtailing sexual harassment and ensuring a safer learning environment for students.

He pointed out that the meeting emphasized the importance of collaboration and action beyond mere discussions.

He added that Participants recognized the necessity of joining hands in a collective effort to address GBV effectively

Findings indicated that, CAJA has organized a series of activities to raise awareness and curtail the prevalence rate of Sexual harassment especially in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

Kabiru Dakata also said during the last 16 days, participants engaged in robust discussions focused on finding effective strategies to curtail GBV in educational institutions.

”One of the aims of the gatherings was to call upon stakeholders to plan for the future and strategize ways to tackle the scourge.”

“By working together, stakeholders aim to create lasting change and put an end to gender-based violence in all its forms.”

“The 16 days of activism against GBV provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and renewed determination to combat the prevalence of sexual harassment and other forms of violence.”

“CAJA remains committed to continuing its work in tertiary institutions, promoting awareness, and pushing for concrete actions and policies that will protect the rights and well-being of all individuals.” Dakata noted

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