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CITAD Urges FG To Enhance Telecom, Digital Tech Usage Through Stable Power Supply



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Centre for Information Technology and Development CITAD,  has urges federal government to enhance the usage of Telecommunication and digital technology by availability of stable power supply, which at the moment is lacking in the country.

CITAD Urges Federal Government To Enhance Telecom, Digital Tech Usage Through Stable Power Sup

The executive director of the center Y. Z Yau stated this at a press conference.

“The Global Network Readiness Index , NRI for 2023 which was released recently shows that, Nigeria was ranked 109 out of 131 countries with a composite score of 36.67, where Its best performance was in the Technology pillar ranked 88 while for People pillar, was ranked number 99, while No. 115 in Governance pillar and 118 for the impact pillar” Ya’u added.

Adding that, this year Nigeria Network Readiness Index, NRI was ranked 106 out of 134 with a composite score of 35.73, below top African continent performers of Kenya (70), South Africa (74) and Mauritius (76), Yau said.

According to the design of the NRI, there are four pillars, which are  technology, people, governance and impact, together have a total of 70 sub-pillars, some of which are not directly related to digital technology.

The NRI has remained for many years, the only globally recognized ICT readiness assessment that is comprehensive and rigorously compiled with a transparent methodology

“Several other countries such as Ghana, Tunisia, Tanzania, Senegal, Algeria and Cote d’Ivoire outperformed Nigeria, In terms of position the country has moved one step from 106 to 105, however in terms of score, it performs poorer than last year with move down of score from 36.67 to 35.73, Ya’u further said.

The poor performance of the country is even more visible when we move to the individual scores of the country along the pillar. Our best score of the four is in Governance at 37.40, followed by Impact at 37, 20 while we have 34.42 for Technology Pillar. The worse is for the People Pillar which stood at 33.89. If these scores were that of a student, it is an unredeemable failure.

In September this year, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) organized a workshop to deliberate on the 2022 NRI Report. In that workshop, the observation was that, there were two major problems for Nigeria, the first One is lack of or inadequate data for the computation of the various indices of the NRI while the second is the reality of the digital eco system in the country/
Access for which Nigeria scored 55.57 is a necessary pre-condition for use and therefore is the base upon which digital transformation is built.

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