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Courts, leadership, security are for the protection of rights not oppression–Abdulkarim Dayyabu



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A human rights activist and leader of the movement for justice in Nigeria Alhaji Abdulkarim Dayyabu says the idea behind the establishing leadership, courts, security and prison is to ensure protection of people’s rights in every society, not to oppressed the weak.

Abdulkarim Dayyabu also said, allowing these institutions to work effectively will guaranteed protection for people’s life, wealth, dignity, health and religion for a peaceful society.

The activist further said despite the menace of corruption in every society, there are people of good character and wisdom and those people can only be encouraged if the ordinary citizens will stand strong against all odds.

“Even if some of the masses are weak , there are people among them that have wisdom and knowledgeable enough to change things for better, so everybody should think and claim his Rights and that of his people ”

”Of course there are people who are trying to use their influence and do what is not right, this is not what God has asked us to do, we are all created by him not any body”

Abdulkarim Dayyabu also reminded the people in authorities about the teachings contained in all the scriptures revealed by God that preaches justice and fairness and prohibit injustice and oppression

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