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CCP urges Tinibu to allow investigation of ex-CBN, EFCC bosses



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From Mika’il Tsoho

A group of Concern Citizens Project (CCP) urged president Bola Ahmed Tinibu not allow investigation of former former CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele and former EFCC boss, Abdulrasheed Bawa to be swept under the carpet.

The was contained in a statement signed by the National Coordinator of CCP Ambassador Salisu Jaji and made it available to news men.

” it is important for Bola Tinibu led administration to know that if this case is allowed to be swept under the carpet. it has the tendency of creating sense of impunity and demoralize the agile operatives of DSS and other security agencies jointly fought to unearth the criminality of Emefiele”.

The statement said, the recent happenings resulting from the move made by the Department of State Services (DSS) to rearrest and continue to interrogate the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele, is a commendable job.

It is known that the DSS are accusing the CBN governor over accusations of economic and financial crimes of national security dimension and have even filed an ex-parte motion at the high court in Abuja for his arrest over these accusations.

However, while the sitting judge declined the ex-parte motion filed, he mentioned that if the DSS believes that the evidence available to it so far is sufficient, then it has the jurisdiction to arrest and detain the applicant, even without the order of the court. So, in all fairness to DSS their operation is within the ambit of rule of law.

The statement added that, though this may not stop some disgruntle elements from outside the government and as well as influential politicians who are using their influence inside the administration of president Tinubu as well as using proxies (by sponsoring protest by selfish civil society groups and attacks from media outlets) to fight the DSS particularly with the aim to smear the name and efforts of its Director-General, Yusuf Bichi, and some of the service’s key officials of the DSS.

According to the statement, those selfish politicians have shown to have no regards to the rule of law, nor do they care about the general security of the country.

“It is important that Nigerians ask the following important questions – What is Emefiele doing with that catchment of ammunitions discovered at his home? Why are powerful people who are known to be selfish and corrupt supporting Emefiele and shielding him away from facing justice? If Emefiele believe he is not guilty and he can prove that over the course of the investigation that will be huge win for his image in this country”.

The statement said, it is clear to Nigerians that the CBN governor and cohorts are trying hard to scuttle the investigation, for them it is not a matter of justice or proving innocence but a matter of LEAVE HIM ALONE irrespective of what he has done wrong.

The statement then urged the citizens not afford to allow people in power to act and behave recklessly, mismanage our resources, abuse their office, and still get away with it, just because they are being shielded by the power surrounding them.

“We cannot have a country were only the poor and powerless are subjected to the rule of law whereas those in power and their cohorts are not and urged Nigerian to be grateful to the DSS and its Director General, Mr Bichi due to their efforts in taming the monstrous insecurity facing this nation”,it said.

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