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Digital Marketing: CITAD Commences Training For Kannywood Filmmakers



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In a move to minimize the challenges of running business at lost among filmmakers, Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) has organized a 3 day training for Kannywood members digital marketing to equipe them with new skills.

Speaking to newsmen after a welcome address at the commencement of the training, CITAD’s Executive Director Y Z Ya’u said marketing has been very difficult for the film producers as most of them run the business at lost after investing huge amount of money.

He said Filmsmakers also faced the issue of piracy, that also undermine the progress of their business.

”’Filmmakers should embrace digital and online marketing through enhancing their skills and be exposed to more tools for marketing”.

Y Z Ya’u also said, the training, is scheduled to run for three days from the 6th to the 8th of June 2023, in order to equip filmmakers with the necessary skills to leverage technology in promoting and selling their movies digitally with the first batch of fifteen participants.

He said the objectives of program’ is to enhance the capacity of filmmakers to utilize technology effectively.

He emphasized that the training is part of CITAD’s efforts to support Kannywood in creating employment opportunities and generating wealth, particularly in Kano state.

”We are concerned about the discrepancy between the quality of films produced by filmmakers and their poor sales, filmmakers are primarily focused on the creative process, marketing is often neglected.

Ya’u stressed the importance of filmmakers being knowledgeable about marketing, sales, and promotional channels to ensure profitability and, subsequently, invest in other ventures that can create employment opportunities, thereby addressing social issues like street crime.

On his part, Chairman of the Motion Pictures Practioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) Kano state branch, Malam Ado Ahmad Gidano, acknowledged the challenges faced by filmmakers in marketing their movies digitally and highlighted intellectual property theft as a significant concern, involving both local and international channels.

He emphasized the need for filmmakers to establish legal agreements with regulatory bodies in international film industries and embassies to protect their copyrights in cases of infringement.

Gidan Dabino assured attendees that MOPPAN is actively working to safeguard the rights of its members within the industry.

One of the participants, Musbahu M. Ahmad commended CITAD for organizing the training which he said it will add so much value to their business.

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