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EFFECTS OF SUBSIDY REMOVAL: An Open Letter To President Tinubu By CDE



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Your Excellency,

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR
Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Presidential Villa,



While we pray this letter finds you in good health, the Citizens for Development and Education (CDE), wishes you the best of luck in all your efforts towards the economic transformation and development of our dear country.

The organization has been following with keen interest the unfolding happenings in the country especially the effects of fuel subsidy removal which has caused untold levels of hardships amongst the majority of Nigerians.

We are quite aware that your administration has since embarked on different measures through policies, aimed at affecting a sustainable economic reforms for the betterment of the country, however the timing and application of the reforms have alas thrown majority of the Nigerian citizens into unprecedented economic hardship

Nigerians are presently going through an unimaginable phase of suffering that requires urgent interventions with direct impact on their earnings and livelihood in general.

It is already in the public knowledge that, food commodities are becoming unaffordable, drugs prices are on the increase, poor power supply, absence of a clean tap water, which gave a way to the surfacing of many strange illness, petroleum products of course as you know are almost unaffordable to many Nigerians at the moment, small and medium scale industries are folding up towards quick succession.

We are very well aware that every change comes with its own challenges. It is however important for your led federal government to put in place measures that would curtail and cushion the effects of these changes, to reduce the suffering of the ordinary Nigerians, who on a daily basis find life more unbearable.

Your Excellency, sir, it is not yet late for you to arrest this level of hardship. We implore you to quickly mandate your trusted officials to come up with plans to alleviate the sufferings of the masses. In addition to the 5,000,000,000 allocated to each state in the country.

You have so far made promises in this regard but the masses still groan with pains under their breath waiting patiently to benefit from these promises. Your commitment to effect better economic reforms in the country must go beyond promises, but practical actions must be seen and acknowledged by teeming poor Nigerians, who hardly can afford two square meals a day.
Your Excellency, it is time to see a turn around in the lives of the people within the shortest possible time.

Sir, your past records spoke so much for you and we have no doubt that you could equally do it again. It is not only infrastructural developments, Nigerians need but also, the transformation of their lives in general so as to be able to measure up to their counterparts in other climes around the World.

However, we are also aware of some efforts to frustrate some policies of your administration, from seeing the light of the day by some few individuals who do so at the detriment of millions of Nigerians.We charge you to quickly identify them and take necessary actions in accordance to the laws of the land for sabotaging the economy of the nation for their selfish gains.

Once again, Nigerians are in dire need of help and we send our voice to echo their call, a call for survival.

Thank you and God bless Nigeria

Amb Ibrahim Waiya

Executive Director,
Citizens for Development and Education

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