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Group Urges Kano Governor To Preserve Rano Emirate



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Rano Kibiya’ Bunkure Community Development Association has urged Kano state governor Abba Kabir Yusuf to preserve current status of Rano Emirate for the development of the area.

The association made the call at a press briefing on the importance of the new Emirates inKano, emphasizing the historical significance and economic potential of the Emirates.

Spokesperson of the group, Wada Wali Rano, underscored the importance of preserving the restored Emirates, emphasizing their deep-rooted cultural heritage and their role as catalysts for economic prosperity.
He also clarified that the sustenance of the Emirates does not undermine the Kano Emirate but rather reinforces a bond of brotherhood.

According to him Historically, Rano has stood as an autonomous kingdom, its identity intertwined with the legendary figures of Bawo. Despite colonial disruptions, Rano has maintained its independence, emerging as a hub for economic opportunities, particularly in agriculture, mining, and tourism.

The community said the sustainability of the Rano Emirate aligns with broader efforts to promote political autonomy and economic development. Stakeholders highlighted examples from other states across Nigeria, showcasing the prevalence of multiple Emirates as integral components of local governance and cultural preservation.

They said the following states has these number of Emirates and Kano shouldn’t be an exception .

Adawa State 8 emirates
2 Bauch State6
3Gombe State 14
4Yobe State t4
5. Zamara State 19
6 Benue State 12
7. Jigawa.5
8. Kaduna
State 32
9. Kebbi State 4
10. Kogi. State 46
11. Nasarawa State 22
12. Plateau State 11
13. Kwara. State 53
14. Niger State7
15. Sokoto State 30
16. Borno State7
18. FCT.
17. Taraba State 56

Amidst calls for dissolution, stakeholders expressed confidence in Governor Yusuf’s commitment to the democratic will of the people. They affirmed that the mandate he holds, derived from overwhelming support, includes the preservation and advancement of the Rano Emirates.

Drawing parallels with other states boasting numerous Emirates, stakeholders emphasized the need to sustain the historical and economic fabric of the Rano region. They cited instances where the restoration of Emirates has spurred economic growth and empowered local communities.

In conclusion, the gathering served as a testament to the collective determination to uphold traditions, foster economic prosperity, and empower local communities within the Rano Emirates. The call to Governor Yusuf resounds not only as a plea for preservation but also as a declaration of solidarity with the rich cultural heritage and economic potential of the region.

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