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Hardship: YOSPIS Urges Govt At All Levels To Chart course For Sustainable Economic Resilience



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Civil Society Groups under Youth society for the prevention and infectious diseases and social vices ( YOSPIS) have expressed concern over Nigeria’s economic hardship, which they described as longstanding issue influence by political instability, corruption, inadequate infrastructure as well as dependence on oil revenue.

The organizations at a press conference led by executive director of YOSPIS Zainab Nasir Ahmad said, the situation also gave rise to challenges of unemployment rates, poverty, inflation and unequal distribution of wealth.

Zainab Nasir also said, in the wake of escalating economic challenges, Nigeria stands at a critical junction demanding immediate attention and strategic interventions from government at all levels.

”The current economic situation has exacerbated hardships for millions of Nigerians necessitating swift decisive actions to alleviate suffering and stimulate recovery ”

‘The economic landscape in Nigeria has been profoundly impacted by a confluence of factors ranging from fluctuating in oil prices inflationary pressures and structural vulnerabilities within the domestic economy. These challenges have precipitated rising unemployment rates, diminished purchasing power and heightened socio-ecinomic disparities across the country”

Zainab Nasir said, NGOs have been in the forefront providing crucial support and Initiatives in Kano state concerning the current economic hardship in the country”

The group then called on the federal government alongside states and local administration to chart a course towards sustainable economic resilience.

They also advise the authorities to implement some relief measures including social safety nets, job creation, fiscal stimulus package, price stability measures and transparency and accountability to ease the problem.

Zainab Nasir Ahmad further explained that, the magnitude of the economic crisis confronting Nigeria demands unwavering commitment, collaboration and decisive action from all stakeholders.

Other highlights of the occasion was the unveiling of world NGO day banner by Senior special assistant to Kano state governor on Non-governmental organization.

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