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Hon Sagir Musa Ahmed :Unbundling Jigawa Dynamic Information Commissioner



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By Ahmad Muhammad Danyaro


“’To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make something else is the greatest accomplishment ” -Franklin

In any civilized nation, one of the major innovations to entrenching good governance, socio- political right and accountability to the citizens is the media. It serves as the pivot to uplift people-driven leadership. In simpler sense, the role the media plays in the building of a society can never be relegated to the background because information is power and information shared is empowerment. It is through the media that we can get comprehensive information about happenings in the world.

Jigawa State Government seems to be in haste to accomplish as many tasks as possible within its first 100 days .Having assessed the situation on ground after eventful and productive take off turbulence ,it is natural to make bold moves and inject freshness into the administration to implement the campaign promises to the good people of Jigawa State .The State governor,Mallam Umar A.Namadi identified competent and patriotic gentlemen and women to drive the process with him in ministries and bring his vision to reality.

Hon Sagir Musa Ahmed, the newly appointed Commissioner of Information ,Youths ,Sport and Culture, an accomplished administrator, seasoned politician, tested technocrat and outstanding leader.He is a man extraordinarily gifted with charity of thoughts ,vision and words to transform his thoughts into actions , a man possessing an uncommon love and patriotic zeal for his fatherland.

As an image maker and State government chief information officer who has been bestowed the task to evolve a sense of belonging and chart a blueprint in the running of the Mallam Umar Namadi administration’s information, communications and public relations strategy .It is appropriate to highlight the rich resume of the dynamic technocrat and reputable administrator.


Honorable Sagir Musa Ahmed, a native of Tawankalta Town in Kiri-Kasamma Local Government of Jigawa State. He had a humble beginning, which prepared him to face greater challenges of life.

The story of this gentleman is that of triumph of the human vicissitude .His life is a proof that with strong will to succeed in life and divine nod to one’s actions, one can turn all obstacles to blessings.He attended both primary and secondary education in Kaduna State. Sagir later attended Bayero University Kano where he obtains BA Library and Information Science/Political Science in the year 2005. Much later Sagir proceeded to University of Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom for Master Degree in Information Systems Management and graduated with Distinction.


As an upcoming Leader, Sagir belonged to several student bodies during his undergraduate and postgraduate. This unique orientation prepares his academic and intellectual rigour that later became his life philosophy to set and achieve unimaginable goals at both personal and professional levels.


Sagir has served as a Foreign Service National (FSN) at the U.S. Department of States as the Director Information Resource Center (IRC), US Embassy Abuja Nigeria. Prior to that, he has served at different capacities within the Nigerian Government before joining the U.S. Government. Notably at the Office of the National Security Advisor (ONSA), Presidency Nigeria between 2012 – 2016. Sagir had earlier served at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) 2008- 2012 as the agency Librarian/ Document controller.


As a dynamic, vibrant, hardworking and respectful youth leader, Sagir has an active interest in connecting, inspiring and mobilising youth across diversity and act together to address local and global change. Founder of the Jigawa Young Professionals Forum (JYPF).


He is a Certified Librarian of Nigeria (CLN) by Librarian Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN) and Cyberoam Network Security Professional (CNSP). Sagir has also participated in International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program under the American Libraries Project 2014.


He is the immediate past commissioner of Land, Housing, Urban Development and Regional Planning under the Badaru led administration recording an unprecedented feat in digitalization of land administration in the state .


Described by most people as gentle, generous, humble, and trustworthy and down -to- earth, Hon Sagir no doubt, has displayed high and esteemed leadership qualities which endeared him to plum positions across public/private sectors before his current nomination as member of Jigawa State executive council/ honourable commissioner after an unblemished record during his stint as commissioner of land in the immediate past administration .

Energetic Task Master, fondly called by his admirers, combines a rare academic capability with administrative and organizational ability. This is evident in the many strategic administrative positions and challenges he had been given over the years in his public life and he has discharged with fortitude and uncommon success.

All he ever wanted to do in his life was to make a difference in other people’s lives. As a child, he thought the only way to accomplish this was to engage in a vocation where his impact would be most felt.

Leaders , especially the cerebral and the professionally oriented ones like him , tend to be influenced by their background and professional training in dealing with specific issues in governance .They find it more expedient providing solutions to their challenge through their professional windows, and oftentimes .it has worked for them because they are playing in a turf where they are masters.

Indeed Governor Umar Namadi’s assemblage of the likes of Hon Sagir Musa in his cabinet clearly shows great sense responsibility, exceptional courage, sincerity of purpose and diligent service to Jigawa which distinguished him as a worthy team player & icon of rare breed whose been etched permanently in the annals of creative and legendary leaderships. There is no doubt that his legacies shall remain an eternal source of inspiration for many generations to come. Danyaro wrote in from Abuja and could be reached at

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