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Honourable Leke Abejide: A Beacon of Progressive Legislation and Political Integrity



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In the vast landscape of Nigerian politics, where the terrain can often be fraught with division and personal agendas, Honourable Leke Abejide stands out as a beacon of progressive legislation and political integrity. Representing the Yagba East/West/Mopamuro Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives,

Abejide’s tenure in both the 9th and current 10th Assembly has been marked by unwavering dedication to national development through legislative initiatives that address crucial issues facing the nation.One of the hallmark contributions of Honourable Abejide is his sponsorship of the Nigeria Customs and Excise Management Amendment Bill. In a compelling debate on the floor of the House,

Abejide articulated the urgent need for a comprehensive overhaul of the Customs and Excise legislation, which had remained unchanged since 1958. He astutely pointed out that in today’s globalized and competitive world, outdated regulations hinder the effectiveness of revenue collection and enforcement efforts.

By advocating for the modernization of customs and excise policies, Abejide demonstrated a keen understanding of the imperative to adapt legislative frameworks to contemporary challenges.Central to Abejide’s proposed amendments was the consolidation of customs and excise legislations into a single compendium, streamlining operations and facilitating efficient policy implementation.

Moreover, recognizing the critical role of adequate funding in enhancing the capacity of the Nigeria Customs Service, Abejide championed provisions for additional financial resources, aligning with international best practices.

By advocating for a more robust penalty regime for offenders, he underscored the importance of deterrence in combating economic crimes and safeguarding national interests.Beyond his legislative endeavors, Honourable Abejide has emerged as a vocal advocate for various national issues, ranging from security to infrastructural development.

His contributions to parliamentary debates reflect a deep-seated commitment to advancing the collective interests of Nigerians, transcending partisan divides. Notably, his recent foray into sub-national politics, contesting for the governorship of Kogi State under the African Democratic Congress (ADC), showcased his principled approach to governance. Eschewing divisive tactics, Abejide focused on substantive policy issues, offering pragmatic solutions to the challenges facing the state.

Despite the outcome of the gubernatorial election, Abejide’s dignified campaign underscored his stature as a new breed politician, driven by a genuine desire to serve the people. His ability to navigate political landscapes with integrity and grace has earned him admiration from across the political spectrum. Indeed, Abejide’s allegiance to national interest over partisan affiliations is a testament to his statesmanship and commitment to a united Nigeria.

As we look to the future, it is imperative that leaders of Abejide’s caliber are entrusted with critical national assignments. His demonstrated leadership qualities and unwavering dedication to the ideals of democracy make him eminently qualified for roles that require vision, integrity, and pragmatism. I hereby call on President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a stalwart of Nigerian politics, to recognize and harness the exceptional talent and potential embodied by Honourable Leke Abejide.

In conclusion, Honourable Leke Abejide epitomizes the essence of public service—a steadfast commitment to the common good, unwavering integrity, and visionary leadership. His contributions to legislative reform and political discourse are emblematic of his unwavering dedication to national development.

As Nigeria navigates the complex challenges of the 21st century, leaders like Abejide offer hope and inspiration for a brighter future. Let us rally behind them and embrace the promise of a truly inclusive and prosperous nation.Seyi Olorunsola, writes from Abuja

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