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IPMAN Chairman Bashir Danmalan addresses the media, cautioning leaders against mishandling fuel subsidy removal.



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In a recent address to the press, the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) chairman Northern Nigeria, Bashir Danmalan, issued a stern warning to the organization’s leadership, urging them to refrain from mishandling the removal of fuel subsidies and to educate themselves on the matter.

Danmalan emphasized the need for IPMAN members to prioritize the welfare of Nigerian citizens, considering that they are the ultimate consumers of fuel. With the government’s decision to remove the subsidy, he stressed the importance of fairness and transparency in the pricing of fuel products.

“I advise some of the leaders to go and read the PIA (Petroleum Industry Act) that pertains to petroleum regulation before making any remarks concerning petroleum,” Danmalan stated.

He further reminded the leaders that if there are changes in the industry, IPMAN must adapt accordingly.

The chairman expressed his concerns regarding certain individuals within the Lagos leadership, questioning their legitimacy as genuine IPMAN members.

He specifically mentioned the PDO secretary from Lagos, noting that this individual should not be the one to speak on behalf of IPMAN due to their demonstrated ignorance and insubordination. Instead, Danmalan suggested that representatives from satellite or mismi areas should take on this responsibility.

Bashir Danmalam expressed that independent petroleum marketers have reached an agreement with the NNPC regarding the sale of petroleum products.

However, he criticized the PDO in Lagos for portraying their association in a negative light and causing embarrassment.

Bashir Danmalam urges the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation not to take these misrepresentations seriously, as they are mere jesters.

Danmalan pointed out the contradiction in desiring the government to sell fuel at a low price while IPMAN members themselves sell it at a higher price to the citizens. He deemed such actions unfortunate and called for a collective effort to align IPMAN’s operations with the government’s policies.

The chairman’s warning serves as a reminder to IPMAN leaders of their responsibilities and the need for informed decision-making. As the country adapts to the removal of fuel subsidies, it is crucial for IPMAN to navigate this transition with prudence, ensuring that the interests of both its members and the Nigerian people are safeguarded

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