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IPMAN should pressurize NIPCO to return depots to oil marketers, not NNPC – AROGMA President



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Bashir Ahmad Danmalam, the President of the Arewa Oil and Gas Marketers Association of Nigeria (AROGMA), has called on the leadership of the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) to focus their efforts on the Nigerian Independent Petroleum Company (NIPCO) and secure the return of withheld shares belonging to oil marketers.

Danmalam made these remarks during an interview with journalists in Abuja.

The AROGMA President emphasized that IPMAN leadership should refrain from shifting blame onto the NNPC regarding fuel price issues.

He asserted that if IPMAN directs its efforts towards recovering withheld shares of marketers, depots meant for oil marketers could be returned, allowing for the sale of fuel at subsidized prices.

According to Danmalam, petroleum marketers’ leadership should communicate candidly rather than beating around the bush.

He stressed that IPMAN should direct its attention towards NIPCO, not the NNPC, for achieving subsidized fuel prices.

Danmalam highlighted that NIPCO was established to provide marketers with their own depots, and accusing the NNPC tarnishes its image unnecessarily.

He cautioned that indulging in mischief would only exacerbate problems for IPMAN leadership.

Instead of making unsubstantiated claims, Danmalam urged IPMAN to focus on retrieving withheld shares and collaborating with AROGMA to regain control of depots for selling fuel at subsidized prices.

He criticized baseless allegations and urged IPMAN to engage in productive dialogue rather than making empty promises.

Danmalam reminded IPMAN of his previous call, made on December 11th, 2023, for an investigation into oil marketers’ shares withheld by NIPCO.

He emphasized the importance of addressing the root issue with NIPCO and encouraged IPMAN to work together with AROGMA to reclaim control of depots for selling petrol at subsidized rates.

IDanmalam urged IPMAN leadership to prioritize transparency and take decisive action rather than engaging in vague rhetoric.

He called on IPMAN leaders to conduct thorough investigations before making decisions, emphasizing the responsibility of leadership to act decisively.


If we speak without investigation, people will regard us as lacking sensibility.

If our depots are returned through withheld NIPCO Shares we can procure fuel at 556.50 so that we can sell it at subsidized rates.

Recently, the IPMAN President, in an interview with journalists, stated that they are going to reduce fuel prices the moment the NNPC sells to them directly. However, Danmalam, the AROGMA President, chastised them, urging them to work together and bring back oil shares withheld by NIPCO.

On the issue of paying oil claims raised by IPMAN,Danmalam said IPMAN has showcased its ignorance on the operations of oil by asking NNPC to pay oil claims, noting that it’s the responsibility of the Petroleum Equalization Fund to pay oil claims.

According to AROGMA President NNPC cannot pay claims, and IPMAN knows very well where the funds for oil claims are. This can be a laughable issue, even small oil marketers know where the funds for petroleum claims are.

He said the bill that provides for petroleum equalization funds has given responsibility to both upstream and downstream sectors, and even the Petroleum Minister on what to do.

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