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JICHMA vows to rectify gaps identified by JiMAF



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From Mika’il Tsoho, Dutse


The Jigawa state Contributory Health Management Agency (JICHMA) has promised to go through gaps identified by a group of Civil Society Organizations under platform of Jigawa Maternal Accountability Framework (JiMAF).

The executive secretary of JICHMA Phm Hamza Kakuri made the promise while speaking to news men on the activities of the agency.

“I acknowledge some of the gaps and observation rised by Jigawa Maternal Accountability Forum ( JiMAF) with regard to enrolment into the non formal sector of the Insurance Scheme, and I promised to do all my best to address the issue”, he said.

” To us JiMAF is a critical partner, we want them to enlightened the public to go an access the Insurance Services, and also remain at forefront in supporting us to promote accountability and quality service in the Scheme” the ES stated.

The executive secretary, also threatened to sanction any selected facility services provider that is not providing quality and standard service to the registered people.

He explained that, over 222,000 people were enrolled into formal sector of the scheme and 281 health facilities were accredited as service providers across the state.

” We are paying these accredited facilities their capitation on 25th of every month against next month that means the services are pre-paid, so there is no reason what so ever not provide the services they were paid for”

” It is not privilege, it right to the people to be given the services they have paid for, but we recieved series of report on how some facilities are given half services to their claims”

” It is the responsibilities of health facilities to go an out source any drugs they prescribed to the claints, therefore henceforth any facility that failed in providing adequate service will be sanction, including withholding its ‘monthly capitation” Phm. Nura declared.

He however revealed that, in the non-formal sector under Basic Primary Healthcare Provision Fund ( BHCF) a total of 91,840 les privilege people were enrolled, with 320 person from each of political wards in the state.

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