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Kano Demolition: A Good Work! ”but should be done with caution to curtail unnecessary litigations”



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By Baba Abubakar Umar


No doubt that the atrocities or evils perpetrated by the bestial Gandollar Administration in Kano is unprecedented and call for redress by any person opportune to inherit the near collapsed State of Kano.

Nevertheless, the redress must be done with adroit maneuvers in such a way more wrongs will not be committed at the detriment of the good people of the State while trying to normalize the anomalies of abnormal beings like mijin Goggo.

The current demolition of illegal structures in Kano by the Abba Gida-Gida Administration is of course a task that can only be undertaken by a brave and fearless leader, although as pointed earlier should be done with extreme caution.

As someone who believes, cherishes and follows the established societal norms or laws, I see no fault in the demolition of illegal structures in Kano. The only thing I may suggest is to delay the process till full takeoff of government machinery, may be 3 months after inauguration of the new government. By then, there will be State House of Assembly and State Executive Council fully operating, including committees to handle the numerous cases of abuse under heartless Ganduje.

This I believe if delayed to be done in later time, will preclude the now emerging litigations against our populist government as a result of the demolition exercise.

I’m still of the opinion that the current Kano Government is on track and no amount of law suits will prevent it from fulfilling the promises it made to electorates.

Lastly, I still call for caution to avoid harming our innocent people, although a lot of warnings were made during NNPP campaigns urging people not to buy or develop structures on public places, but the people who are now the victims turned deaf ears and refused to heed to the warnings. They are now reaping what they sowed.

Thanks to Abba Gida-Gida for fulfilling the promises he made to Kano people. This is indeed a virtue strongly recommended in Islam.

Baba Abubakar Umar
PS ( Retired)
Kwankwasiyya , Kano State.

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