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Kano Demolitions: Complainants spits hot over Ag. Chief Justice delayed court hearing



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A group of complainants who have been affected by notice of land demolition in Kano State have raised allegations against the Acting Chief Justice, Hon. Justice Dije Aboki, claiming that she is intentionally delaying the issuance of a directive to assign their case to a court.

The complainants accuse Justice Aboki of seeking confirmation as the Chief Justice by lobbying the Kano State government, which they believe is impeding their pursuit of justice.

The complainants, consisting of individuals who claimed their lands were issued notice of demolition without due process, asserting that they have been struggling to obtain justice for their grievances.

They assert that their case has remained in limbo due to the lack of a court hearing, and they now accuse Justice Aboki of intentionally delaying the process to secure her appointment as the Chief Justice.

According to the complainants, they have been pursuing legal remedies to challenge the notice of the state government. However, they allege that the Acting Chief Justice has failed to provide a directive to assign their case to a court, resulting in significant delays and uncertainty.

The complainants believe that Justice Aboki’s alleged lobbying efforts to secure the position of Chief Justice have compromised her impartiality and undermined the integrity of the judicial process.

Recall that yesterday, a Federal High Court sitting in Kano presided by judge, Justice S. A. Amobeda, barred Kano government from demolishing the applicant’s property located at No. 41 and 43 Salanta, along BUK Road, Kano.

However, when contacted by this paper, spokesperson of the state higher Court Baba Jibo Ibrahim said the delay is not deliberate as most of the High Court Judges are assigned to work in elections tribunal outside the state.

He said, the higher Court Judges are not up to 19, and the cases are many.

” And the CJ believed in first come first serve, so it’s not a deliberate delay”

Baba Jibo said all the cases will be assigned according to due process.

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