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Kano Hosts Football Business Summit, Nationwide League One Competition



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Chief Executive Officer of Nationwide League One Alhaji Hassan Abdullahi Garo says Kano will host the forthcoming Football Business Summit strategically designed to engage individuals from the business sector and explore the untapped potentialities within football.

Drawing inspiration from the success in Lagos, Garo highlighted the decision to choose Kano, citing the opportunity to foster partnerships in a region with relatively lower engagement.

NLO Cup: Kano, Uyo to host 16 teams November 24

Addressing media in Kano on Saturday, Garo said the objective is to raise awareness and encourage investments in football, leveraging the city’s thriving business community.


He asserted the superiority of the NLO, boasting over 300 clubs, and emphasized the importance of Kano’s business community investing in the sport.

Garo stressed that football has evolved into an international business, making strategic investments critical for sustained success.

Stakeholders commends NLO’s handling of 2023 Nationwide League One Competition

Moreover, in an effort to mark the culmination of the league season, the vibrant cities of Kano and Uyo are set to host a football competition that brings together teams aiming to showcase their prowess on the pitch.

Real Man FC from Abuja is among the contenders in what promises to be a highly anticipated event.

He said, the clubs participating in the competition have been selected based on merit, ensuring a competitive and engaging spectacle. The football festivities are set to conclude in Kano and Uyo, showcasing the growing influence of football as a business and a source of community pride.

Hassan Abdullahi Garo emphasized the integral role of the press, attributing seventy percent of the competition’s success to media coverage

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