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KOGI GUBERNATORIAL RACE, 2023: Dr. Reuben O. Atabo,SAN Bows Out Humbly



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By Shalom Oludele


One of the Aspirants for the 2023 Kogi gubernatorial race, Dr. Reuben O. Atabo, SAN has announced his withdrawal from the race.
Dr. Reuben O. Atabo, SAN highlighted that his decision to withdraw from the contest for Kogi State’s most revered seat was mostly motivated by personal matters and indicated that his decision was a result of happenings within the party.

This he made available to the press on Friday, the 14th day of April, 2023.

According to him “I came on board to contest for the No.1 position in Kogi State mostly because I had the clarion call of my people.Personally, I love to see Kogi State develop rapidly and I have lots of ideas to make this work. So when I saw the support from my people, I became encouraged and succeeded in taking all the necessary steps to be in the race”.

He further stated “I announce my withdrawal from the race after giving it a considerable thought.

This decision is in view of the current happenings in the party and for personal reasons.

Dr. Reuben O. Atabo, SAN, who had earlier declared his intention to run for the Governorship seat of Kogi State under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had met all party’s requirements and was duly cleared to participate in the race this year.

He also stated that the affairs of Kogi State were still top priorities in his heart and notwithstanding his withdrawal from the race, he would not stop contributing his quota to the continuous development of Kogi State, as his tactics for the gradual transformation of his fatherland would be done whenever he has the opportunity and the means to do so.

As he pledges to be available for any opportunity to continue for the interest of his beloved people and Kogi State as a whole, Dr. Reuben O. Atabo, SAN expressed gratitude to his supporters for their tremendous love and support shown to him from time he accepted their call.

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