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Low voltage power supply worries Kebbi Customers



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….We don’t have enough power allocation says: KAEDCO Central Manager

By: Abdullahi Faruk, Birnin Kebbi

Following worries expressed by Birnin Kebbi metropolis customers on the erectic and low voltage power supply that have been become worries to them for over three months and makes it known to newsmen, customers said since the assumption of new central manager of Kaduna electricity distributions company (KAEDCO)in Birnin metropolis, power supply in the state drastically reduced as a result of that they incure loses and damage to their electrical appliances.

Speaking to journalists in Birnin Kebbi, the central manager, Ishaq gomna explained that power supply is not possible in Kebbi state due to low collections and a sharp drop on megawatts given to the state since he assumed office in November as Central manager.

He added that it is no longer possible to even share the power because low collections and poor Supply from the distribution company of Nigeria, he said if he gives power supply to Kebbi customers there is the likely hood that such can cause the collapse of the National grid since some of their gadgets cannot stand the power coming into them.

The KAEDCO manager said load sharing must be abolished to guarantee the erectic supply being enjoyed saying continuing to supply power to customers in Kebbi without paying their bills to company amid low megawatts may lead to the grounding of the company’s business in the state.

He debunked the rumour peddled round that the Kebbi state government is subsiding electricity to customers but admitted that the state government do replace transformers in some communities where the need for such arises to it people.

He alleged that prepaid meters installed in Aliero housing estate in Birnin Kebbi out of 90% prepaid installed have been compromised hence the reason for not giving adequate power supply, while the customers in the said estate groan under poor Supply low voltage the manager insisted that most customers in the area are on direct and can’t pay their bills as at when due hence they will be treated like the direct customers.

While urged customers to pay their monthly bill at when due and drawn their attention on how to channel their complaints when the needs arise by way of coming formal to the area service office up to the central office. ” We have desk officers that do receives complaints in each of our area offices, untill its reach our head office in Kaduna for necessary action, as am speaking to you now, am treating complaints forward to my office from area service offices, he said”.

According to customers, said they are planning peaceful protest against the company to demand why the power supply company abruptly abolished power sharing across the state without recourse to what they are passing through, one Ibrahim Bello Musa an occupant in Aliero housing estate air his grievance that he lost perishable items he stored in his refrigerator due to low voltage being experienced in the area for some days.

However, he stressed that ” we are in tune with other residences from different areas within Birnin Kebbi metropolis to demonstrate a peaceful protest to Birnin Kebbi KEADCO Central office over what we described as deliberate attempt by the company to put us in a severe situation especially now that Ramadan is approaching.

“We implore the Kaduna electric management to step-in to salvage protest that is about to happen by directing the Central manager to devise means of resolving this lingering issue in question, he lamented”.

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