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Ministerial Nominee: Backlash, Reactions Trail El-rufai’s Delayed Confirmation By Senate



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The supporters of the former governor of Kaduna state Mallam Nasir El-rufai has expressed concerns over the senate’s delayed confirmation of his ministerial nomination in the President Bola Tinubu’s cabinet.

They made their feelings on Tuesday during a press conference held in his solidarity.

Observers noted that El-Rufai’s confirmation process stood out due to the Senate’s decision to withhold approval over security reasons. This move sparked claims of procedural irregularities and political motivations.

Accusations of conspiracy and a veiled attempt at “crucifixion” were made against those who seemingly oppose El-Rufai’s confirmation.

Supporters praised El-Rufai’s leadership and contributions to democracy, suggesting that his confirmation had been delayed unfairly.

The press conference highlighted the support from three PDP Senators from Kaduna State, who testified in favor of El-Rufai’s confirmation, as well as gratitude towards all senators who voiced their approval.

El-Rufai’s alleged detractors were accused of using the confirmation process to settle scores and undermine both El-Rufai and President Tinubu.

Questions were raised about the timing and handling of the allegations against El-Rufai, with supporters demanding transparency and accountability. They questioned why the petition against El-Rufai was introduced during the screening process and why he wasn’t provided an opportunity to respond adequately.

Critics of the Senate’s delay pointed out that previous administrations adhered to a precedent of addressing security clearance before nominations reached the Senate.

Supporters demanded an explanation for the departure from this norm and called on the Presidency, National Security Adviser, Senate, and Senate President to clarify the reasons for the delay.

El-Rufai’s credentials and achievements were praised, particularly his role in supporting President Tinubu’s rise to power and his efforts to shift power to the south.

Supporters urged swift confirmation to alleviate tension and confusion, emphasizing El-Rufai’s commitment to serving Nigeria.

The press conference concluded with a plea for El-Rufai’s admirers to appeal to President Tinubu for assistance in securing his confirmation. Despite the delay, supporters encouraged El-Rufai to remain steadfast in his commitment to serving the nation.

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