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Nigerien Residents in Kano Condemn Coup In Their Country, Support ECOWAS



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The Niger Republic Nationals Residing in Kano State Nigeria, have condemned the military junta’s coup d’état that removed President Mohamed Bazoum’s democratic government.

The Chairman of the Group, Lawalli Mamman Barma, in a peaceful protest on Saturday, held in Kano, appealed to the military coupists to without any conditions, whatsoever release President Mohamed Bazoum, his family and all other victims that allegedly kidnapped during the military intervention on 16th July, 2023

“We ask without conditions, the release of His Excellency, President, Mr. President of the Republic of, Legitimately elected by the sovereign people of Niger, as well as his family and all other kidnapped persons,”

The Chairman, while calling for the restoration of democratic leadership in Nigeria Republic, at the same time, urged ECOWAS to rescind its decision to enforce military forces in Niger, stressing that dialogue is the best approach to resolve conflict than military confrontation.

The Group further commended President Mohamed Bazoum over his plans to enhance economic development of Niger Republic.

He further applauded Bazoum on his multiple efforts of capacity building to develop human and capital resources, noting that during his period as president, Nigerien people witnessed political, economic and social development.

The Group lamented that presidential guard General Abdoul Rahamane Thiani who supposed to ensure security of the president acted other way.

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“We should always remember that prior to the military intervention in Niger Republic, Country under president Bazoum experiencing a growth in peace, economy and political development.

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