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Opinion: If Clerics Did Not Tell The Leaders The Truth On Their Pulpit, Where Would They Tell..? Kabuga.



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Salisu Ismail Kabuga

Truth is truth, it is true if it is true.

When the truth is distorted, or the one to whom the truth is to be chosen means that the weak (the poor) will be told the truth and the truth will certainly be distorted.

What is Truth and where to tell it ?

In short, Truth is Advice, which is given to a person/persons in a conversation or in a sermon as the scholars do when they are going to solve a problem when they are on the pulpit and even at every given opportunity.

Such an important task of speaking the truth can be done anywhere if the opportunity arises. And the truth is for everyone. In other words, the truth can be told to everyone as I said in a nutshell, truth is good advice.

What is wrong with telling the truth?

As long as the truth is true, there is nothing wrong with either side, the one who tells the truth and the one who is told the truth, but the truth is bitter. As I can remember from the song of truth by late Sa’adu Zungur.

“As long as a person or a preacher speaks the truth, no matter how much the truth speaks, it pays off, says,” Sa’adu Zungur in his poem.

The efforts of Islamic preachers in all walks of life to remind leaders of the current state of insecurity and hardship are really commendable, as all human beings are weak and always need to be reminded in doing the right thing. without fear or contradiction, I do commend those clerics who think it is a time to redraw the attention of our leaders in the name of seeking correction for the good of the country.

The ways at which our the clerics are being threatened or intimidated from their places of teaching and sermons only because they are offering advice directly to the leaders from where they have the power to send a message, such an uncall attempt is like going back to the pre-Islamic era.

Those who are of the opinion that, the scholars will not advise the leaders or draw their attention to the pulpit/sermon, then where do you want them to go?

Do you think that, anyone who didn’t enjoys good advice from the pulpit will be happy and cherished such advise if that an Imam followed him to his palace to offer a preaching ?

Or Do you think that, those around the leaders and the scoundrels around the leaders will let those Imams see him (the leader) with dignity, As I know, seeing such kind of leaders that are surrounded in their ruling palace by scoundrels for greed is not easy at all.

We all know that, it’s a common belief that, most people think that most of those whom the leaders close the door with, are either there to receive their share, (including the Imams) or they’re there on invitation.

Ask any leader how is he feeling when our Imams during their sermons or preaching cherished the good thing that they (Leaders) have done ? So what is bad if the same avenue is used to advise him ?

If doing so does not infringe on the rights of the oppressed, then how can preaching to leaders to correct something that is bothering the people on the same pulpit that was once used to praised them (leaders) be wrong? And if the praise that the scholars give to the leaders on the pulpit while giving sermons is not politics, how comes using the same venue to send messages for correction became a political sin ?

Based on this study, I think, in principle, scholars should speak the truth of any kind while on the pulpit, because the truth is common. therefore, if the situation allows them (Ulamas), seeing the leaders face to face, then they should fear Allah and finish their task of telling the truth directly to incumbent leaders as they’re doing to their students and other common man.

Our Imams ought to have come out boldly to tell any sitting leaders and their henchmen, the rightful things to do to be free from the wrath of God and at the same time salvage the common man and the country from the current gloomy insecurity and hardship. Because They (Ulamas) represented the prophets on earth.

Is there anything that religion does not talk about? Religion interpret every what, how and what not in our life endeavor, politics inclusive. Then who will stop clerics from pay attention on issues of concern that is worrying the poor masses and the country ? Our questions to whoever that have hand in the said matter that, is it because he/they think they’re okey with the current situatios or they feel they’re safe, not affected in the nasty insecurity and economic difficulty in the country ? They should tell us if not preaching to leaders on the pulpit, where to tell them the truth ?

The main task of the Ulema is to guide the society in it’s totality, politics inclusive, as God wills and how the life of the society will improve in the world, and in the case of the society it does not mean only the poor but including the leaders at every level.

If the clergy do not tell the government and the leaders where they have failed or what is the problem of the people, then who is better to tell the leaders, if what they are being reminded of is true ?

Beware People !

The resentment of Islamic scholars in the heart can prevent one from ending his life with Iman (faith) because it’s a signs of hypocrisy. Attempting to prevent the clerics from conveying the right message of Allah because they are the guides since there are no Prophets is a call for war with the Almighty Allah.

Therefore, avoiding the rabbis or expelling them from the pulpit of preaching is undoubtedly the work of the evil ones who put the world first, such people and their conspirators had it been they come at the time of the Prophets are like the ones you see battling against the Prophets or even expel them from the peninsular.

It is one of the signs of misfortune and misguidance, you see a person coming out openly defending the lie and resenting whatever the Islamic scholars say that is true.

Every Muslim is a representative of God on earth, and life does not exist unless each of us responds by delivering his or her own representation and the way to tell the truth and act upon it, because God Himself commands believers to remove evil with their hands or even with their mouths (preaching) or they hate it (the evil) in their hearts which is the weakest of Faith.

Undoubtedly, given the current plight of the Nigerian people and the insecurity that has engulfed us in the cities and villages, it is time for each and every one of us to do what we can. That is to say, leaders, clerics and ordinary people have to redouble efforts in doing the needful.

It is indeed unfortunate that at such a time when almost every Nigerians, strong and weak and those in power, are in a state of uncertainty because no one is safe and no place is safer than the other. It’s really sad with all this naked and physical evidences yet some people are angry at the way the clerics are telling the government the truth on their pulpit to the point of suspending or expelling others and replacing them with someone who will do the opposite of what the deposed cleric did.

Which is more a wrathful between the wrath of God and the wrath of a leader who is not doing what is expected from him? I believe it is not equitable and each believer can responds on his own.

This is my little contribution to see the betterment of Nigerian my country. and I am writing this post with the intention of appealing to all parties for the sake of peace in Nigeria and the development of wealth for every citizen.

May God lift the country out of its current state of insecurity and panic in all the cities of Northern Nigeria and other parts of the country and around the world. Ramadan Kareem !

Cmrd, Salisu Ismail Kabuga, is a Kano based practicing journalist and activist
[email protected]
4th, April, 2022/3rd, Ramadan, 1443 AH


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