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Kano new CP Pledges to work with sister security agencies, says policing Kano an asset, not a challenge



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On Tuesday, the newly appointed Commissioner of Police in Kano State, Mr. Mohammed Usaini Gumel, stated that policing the state will not be a challenge but an asset to him, given its complex security situation.

Gumel, who recently assumed office, made this known while addressing the media and senior police officers at the police officers’ Mess in Bompai, Kano.

He was redeployed from Sokoto to Kano State and was also the Commissioner of Police in charge of the just-concluded supplementary elections in the state.

In his address, Gumel acknowledged that the people of Kano State are politically aware and active, and as such, any action taken by the Nigeria Police Force in the state will always be in the limelight and attract public attention.

However, he saw this as an asset rather than a challenge.

Gumel assured the public that his team would welcome constructive criticisms and take responsibility for addressing all emerging challenges.

He also emphasized the importance of working with communities in providing remedies for security shortcomings.

Gumel promised to ensure adequate welfare packages for police officers and appealed to them to exhibit professionalism in the discharge of their duties.

He charged the officers to prioritize compassion and firmness while discharging their duties and create a safe and secure environment for all the residents and people of Kano state.

Gumel emphasized that the police force cannot address crime and the root causes of emerging crimes in isolation without the active support and collaboration of the people.

He pledged to work in synergy with sister-security agencies in the state and lead the police command transparently, building it on community partnership with robust intelligence gathering, the use of the right technology, and respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Gumel’s initiatives will accompany both the federal and state governments’ development plans and sustainable programmes. He sought the support and collaboration of the people in taking preventive actions against crime.

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