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Principal, Acting Director Testifies Against Kebbi Deputy Governor in Election Tribunal



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By: Abdullahi Faruk Birnin Kebbi


Peoples Democratic party (PDP) and it Governorship Candidate Bande Aminu have called two Subpoened witnesses, from Sultan Abubakar College, Sokoto and Acting Director of Administration, Sokoto State Ministry of Education to testify before the tribunal.

The Subpeoned witnesses are before the Tribunal to gives their testimonies whether the 3rd Respondant Abubakar Umar Tafida or Umar Abubakar Argungu who is currently the Deputy Governor in Kebbi State, finished his Senior Secondary School from Sultan Abubakar college in the year 1979 as he filled and submitted the INEC form EC9 and at Paragraph C of the said INEC Form EC9 which required to the 3rd Respondant to state and attach copies of record of the schools he attended/ educational qualifications obtained with dates.

The Petitioners aver in their petition that he didn’t attach the purported Secondary School Qualification obtained, but in a previous election to the office of Senate of the federal Republic of Nigeria to represent Kebbi North Senatorial District attached a forged Testimonial purportedly from the said Sultan Abubakar College, Sokoto attesting that he graduated from the said College, whereas he didn’t.

Upon hearing petitioners present first Subpeoned witness, Principal of Sultan Abubakar College, Sokoto to testify as regard to the 3rd Respondant School Qualification and in examination in-chief led by the Petitioners Counsel to the first Subpeoned witness, after taking Oath he said” My Name is Zayyanu Muhammad Umar principal Sultan Abubakar College, Sokoto by way of tendering a copy of subpeona send to him via Tribunal, his office identity card, A letter of promotion from vice principal to principal of the said college as a means of identification.

He further explained to the Tribunal that he received a subpoena of this Honourable Tribunal to come along with the following documents, Register and list of students admitted in the year 1974 and finished in the year 1979, A letter from Barrister Nura Bello &Co law Chamber ” Tittled Request for confirmation of whether a student by Name Umar Abubakar Tafida or Abubakar Umar Argungu who claimed to have graduated from the said college in the year 1979″. Than a letter from Sultan Abubakar College Sokoto attesting that Umar Abubakar Tafida or Abubakar Umar Argungu didn’t finished from the said college in 1979 going by the available school record and same was tendered.

Also, the principal tendered Register and list of students finished from Sultan Abubakar College, Sokoto in the year 1979, 1980,1981 and 1982 respectively, the 3rd Respondant in question his name was not in the list. Thereafter he was cross examined by Counsel’s to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Respondant on the document he tendered before the Tribunal, and he maintained that the 3rd Respondant didn’t finished in the same college allegedly finished in the year 1979.

The Second Subpeoned witness, introduced himself as Abdul-Samad Hamzat Isah, Acting Director Administration at Sokoto State Ministry of Education and also a Committee Secretary that investigate Principal Zayyanu Muhammad Umar who was suspended from office for some days. Where he tendered his office identity card, A copy of Subpeona send to him via Tribunal bailiff,
A letter of disclaimer to any attestation issued reading the name of Abubakar Umar Tafida or Abubakar Umar Argungu as student who finished Sultan Abubakar College Sokoto, in the year 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982 is null and void.

The Committee Report Exonerate Principal Zayyanu Muhammad Umar from allegations libel against him that he give a particular of current Deputy Governor of Kebbi State who claimed to have finished the above mentioned College,also having a case before Governorship Election Tribunal in Kebbi State without his consent.

He equally, state that” Committee findings of investigation revealed that” Zayyanu Muhammad Umar as a principal of the said College he is the right person to issued any details or particulars of any student who claimed to have finished from the said college to any constituted authority requesting for such details.

Adding that committee has found that the principal has discharged his statutory duty as a school principal since there is a letter from Barrister Nura Bello & Co law Chamber requesting the school authority to confirm whether to the said student in question have graduated and issued with testimonial or not.

He however, said” Committee has found that the Sole Administrator send to take over from the suspended principal by Abdul-Salam Jafar was alleged to have issued an attestation to the student in question who is the current Deputy Governor in Kebbi State, after elicited facts that attestation was issued to a student who didn’t graduate from Sultan Abubakar College in year 1979 as he claimed, immediately the committee wrote a disclaimer to the document and the student who purportedly parade himself as student of the said college mentioned above and any action taken after the suspension of the principal by the sole Administrator is hereby declared null and void and all this was captured in our report of findings and after submitting our report the said suspended principal was recalled back to assumed his duty immediately.

The Acting Director was also cross examined by Counsel’s of 1st to 4th Respondants on the committee Report and other documents tendered by himself as evidence place relaince upon the Petitioners in proving their petition of eligibility for the 3rd Respondant. While answering cross examination questions from Respondants Counsel that collaborate his answers with the principal own.

The Tribunal Chairman Honourable Justice OFem IKpi OFem after taking the witnesses adjourned to the next day for continuation of hearing as it was selected for day to day hearing.

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