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Rabi’u, in Collaboration with the Seewell & Care Consult, Sponsors 200 Patients for Eye Surgery in Kano



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By Abdu Saidu

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The Managing Director of the Kano State Housing Corporation, Abdullahi Rabi’u, in collaboration with the Seewell & Care Consult Organization, has sponsored eye surgery for 200 patients in Kano State.

During the flag-off free eye surgery, Rabi’u told journalists in Kano that the effort is motivated by a strong commitment to community welfare of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kano State Eng. Abba Kabir Yusuf, it is anticipated to improve the quality of life and restore vision for a large number of people who have been suffering from various eye ailments.

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The sponsorship programme, which targets people from low-income families who have limited access to high-quality healthcare services, formally began on Saturday, June 8, 2024, at the Gandun Albasa Model Primary Health Centre in the Municipality of Kano. The program aims to alleviate the high prevalence of avoidable blindness and other eye-related diseases in the community by offering free eye operations.

Abdullahi Rabi’u has a long history of supporting healthcare and education initiatives. His partnership with the Seewell & Care Consult, one of the foremost international NGO vision spring in Kano, underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in tackling health challenges.

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At the launch ceremony at the Gandun Albasa Model Primary Health Center, Rabi’u said that the program is part of the Executive Governor of Kano State, Eng. Abba Kabir Yusuf, one-year celebration in office and also reaffirmed his commitment to enhancing the underprivileged’s access to healthcare.

“Having a clear vision is essential for both financial and personal success. We want to give them a fresh start by supporting these surgeries so they may view the world clearly and make more meaningful contributions to society,” Rabi’u said.

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Dr. E.K. Topah, a former staff member of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital and a lecturer at Bayero University Kano with some ophthalmologists from AKTH, headed the medical personnel from Seewell and Care Consult, who is an implementing partner of an International Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), praised Rabiu’s generosity, and highlighted the hospital’s role in the initiative.

“This partnership will have a lasting impact on the lives of many,” Dr. Topah remarked.

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The Seewell & Care Consult organization performed a rigorous screening process to determine who might benefit from this program. Patients with cataracts, glaucoma, and other disorders of the eye that might be treated surgically were the main emphasis of the criterion. Many of the people who were chosen had been living with vision impairments for years because they could not afford the essential medical care.

Garba Ibrahim Indabawa from the Zoo Road Housing Estate in the municipality of Kano was one such beneficiary who recounted his story of hope and struggle.

“I’ve had cataracts some years back, which makes it challenging for me to see properly and do everyday duties. I am really appreciative of this chance to have my sight back. It seems miraculous; I appreciate Alh. Abdullahi Rabi’u and Governor Abba Kabir Yusif for giving more emphasis on health, education infrastructure, and so on,” Indabawa noted.

Similar thoughts were expressed by Binta Turaki, another patient who was suffering glaucoma. “I can now anticipate a time when I won’t need help from others to complete basic activities. My sincere gratitude is extended to Abdullahi Rabi’u for this kind gesture,” she expressed.

The successful program could act as a template for other government officials to follow in Abdullahi Rabi’u’s footsteps, encouraging a culture of giving and group responsibility in the pursuit of bettering public health. The 200 patients will have their lives completely changed as a result of the surgeries, giving them hope for a better future and light in their otherwise dark environment.

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