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OPINION: Reps Speakership; The Cap Fits Betara–Isah Abuh



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By Isah Abuh Yusuf


I contested for the National Assembly seat to represent the good of people of Bauchi Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives two times, 2015 and 2023.

My idea to go into the race of the legislative seat was premised on the motivation and inspiration I got from my keen observation of happenings in the National Assembly in which I discovered how many young people like me are making serious impacts in the nation building and the wellbeing of their communities.

One of the lawmakers that so much impressed and inspired me, whenever I watch the proceedings of the National Assembly or read stories about lawmakers’ community interventions, is Hon. Mukhtar Aliyu Betara, member representing Biyu/Bayo/Shani/Kwaya-kusar Constituency in the House of Representatives.

One can’t watch Hon. Betara during the House of Reps proceedings and listen to comments from his Constituency without admiring and loving him.

Since 2007 when he was first elected, Hon. Betara has proven to be man of great quality, learned and patriotic. His intellectual prowess, and positive contributions to the development of his Constituency and there County at large through legislative businesses are spectacular.

Hon. Betara has used his professionalism, experience and human resource to make things happen in the National Assembly during plenaries, oversight functions, committee works and other legislative responsibilities. He has made himself not only visible during every national discourse and legislative business but a household name in the Country.

What is even more interesting about Hon. Mukhtar Betara, who I always describe as political phenomenal, is developmental strides and philanthropic services in his Constituency. I have engaged in philanthropy, watched many philanthropic services and interacted with many philanthropists but I can bet you that Hon. Betara stands tall among all philanthropists I have ever know.

The number of projects and interventions he attracted to his Constituency are not only numerous to mention but unmatchable and unprecedented. He is an individual that can spend his last Kobo to help the needy. The kind of quality representation that the super lawmaker is giving to his Constituency has so much endeared him to his constituents, thus they remain unparallel in electing and reelecting him for four straight terms.

Hon. Betara Aliyu has become model to all progressive politicians especially the youth. Whenever I lose election and despair, but later watch stories about Betara, I would be charged again, my morale would go high and I would immediately get the spirit to contest again so that I can have the opportunity to make impact in the development of the Country and deliver true dividends of democracy to Nigeria like him.

Now that the 10th Assembly is about to be inaugurated and the race for the Speakership of the House of Representatives has started, I feel it’s duty bound on me to not only support the emergence of Hon. Mukhtar Betara Aliyu as Speaker, but engage in massive mobilization of Nigerians especially Members-elect of the House of Representatives to do a favour to the Country by electing this quintessential lawmaker as the Speaker of the 10th Assembly.

Being elected for the fourth term, and chaired various standing and adhoc committees in the House of Representatives, Hon. Aliyu Betara has all the requisite experience and wherewithal to efficiently and effectively lead the Green Chamber.

Betara is a pan-Nigerian politician who knows the nook and cranny of Nigeria and worked with people from all walks of life in all parts of the Country. His knowledge of legislative business have already been exhibited in the way and manner he chaired the affairs of various committees in the Honourable House.

Between 2007 and 2011, Betara acted as Chairman of the Sub-committee on NDIC, Banking and Currency. He also served as a member of the House Committee on Interior, and was subsequently appointed as Chairman, Sub-committee on Customs, Immigration and Prisons Pension Office (CIPPO).

At the seventh assembly (2011 to 2015), he was appointed as Chairman, House Committee on the Army, directly making recommendations to empower and sustain the activities of the army against the rising insurgency in the Northern region of Nigeria.

From 2015 to 2019, Betara served as Chairman of the House Committee on Defence. He is the current Chairman of the House committee on Appropriations, presiding over all other committees regarding the appropriation process in the House of Representatives.

Under his leadership, the committee has succeeded in having the June-to-June budget cycle changed to a preferable January-to-December one for a more effective budget implementation. As a result, the Appropriation Act, 2022 and the Finance Act, 2021 have been passed and enacted respectively for the third consecutive year without fail, enabling all stakeholders to prepare adequately for any fiscal changes.

Betara has been lauded for his critical decision-making and crisis management skills in the House. His legislative interests include Youth and Women Empowerment, Developmental Governance, Health, Education, Social and National Security, as well as providing equal opportunities. He is believed to be responsible for the construction of 20 health care centers, 10 ambulances, a mini-stadium and the installation of more than 600 solar-powered street lights in his constituency.

There is no doubt that the track record, antecedents and pedigree of Hon. Betara have put him ahead of all contenders of the office of the Speaker.

At a time when our country is at the crossroad of dwindling economy and insecurity, and luckily having a President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu, an accountant and financial expert and Vice President-elect Kashim Shettima who is also a seasoned banker and financial expert set to take over the mantle of leadership, the future looks very bright for the Country.

The future will be even more promising if the Honourable Members of the House of Representatives elect another seasoned accountant and financial expert, Hon. Betara Aliyu as Speaker. This will make both the legislative and the executive arm more equipped and strengthened to face the Country’s economic challenges which as a result, security challenges and other problems affecting the growth and development of the Country will be tackled.

Obviously, Tinubu presidency will be interesting and promising with Hon. Betara Aliyu presiding the affairs of the Green Chamber.

I therefore call on all Members-elect of the House of Representatives, to do Nigeria a great favour by electing this detribalize Nigerian, Hon. Mukhtar Betara Aliyu as Speaker of the 10th Assembly. I also enjoin all stakeholders and constituents across the Country to join this patriotic movement so as to ensure Betara is elected as Speaker for the best interest of the Country.

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