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Save Nigeria Now celebrates International Day of Girl Child



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From Mika’il Tsoho, Dutse


A group of Patriots known as ‘Save Nigeria Now’ has called on the authorities concern to prioritize the safety and development of Girls Child as the only step to save the future of Nigeria.

The call was made by the coordinator Save Nigeria Now, Maryam Ibrahim during the celebration of International Day for Girls Child held on Wednesday in Dutse the state capital of Jigawa.

She explained that, adequate provisions and investment in security, Education, Health, Guidance and Counselling, Social Justice and Protection of every girl child for better development.

The coordinator who insist on no to Girl Child abuses in any form, said it is sad to note that girls below eighteen years are constantly facing sexual abuses and exploitation, Child Labour, domestic violence and neglect.

“Our girls deserve a life of dignity and safety considering the constant attacks on our girls like what happens in Chibok, Kaduna, Zamfara, and Narawa state where girls are abducted and held in captivity, Seperated from families and their communities, deprived Education, Health, threaten by depression and lost of lives”, she said.

The group also advocated to stakeholders on efforts around Creating an enabling environment for girls mental and physical wellbeing adding that, more strategies should be deployed to promote securities around schools and community at high risk of attacks, counseling and support for girls who were rescued to address mental health and depression, continuation of their education.

“Our girls must not be made single parents, this can only be achieved if the Law is fully implemented and the culprit brought to face the consequences of their actions, sensitization of parents at grassroots, and empowering our girls to be able to identify and speak out for help in any case of attempted rape, sexual exploitation, labour or trafficking by any one.

“Hence to minimize or stop having minors being put in to family ways and abandon, the Violence Against Person prohibition Law must be priotised by all stakeholders responsible for it effective implementation considering the investments and efforts being puts by the Government, CSOs and Donors” she said.

She maintained that, Government, CSOs and Donor partners have collaborated in ensuring the promotion of access to Quality Educate by Our Girls we interventions and programs have been puts in place yet these efforts have been set back by Early Marriages of our Girls, Baby factory in the South, insecurity in the North West and North East, Sexual Assaults, Tracfiking, Poverty, Child Labour etc.

The coordinator then said, Policies and Laws like the Child right acts, Gender Policy and the Education policy and acts are adequate to ensure all Girls have access to Quality Education with no restrictions, reason enough to ensure adequate collaborations of efforts, systems and programs to this effect.

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