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Sen. Sumaila’s Priority: Tackling Nigeria’s Security Challenges and Hardships, Not Impeachment



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In a recent interview with TVC, Sen. Suleiman Abdulrahman Kawu Sumaila OFR, reiterated his unwavering commitment to tackling the pressing security challenges and hardships faced by the Nigerian people. Sen. Sumaila emphasized that his primary focus is on finding effective solutions to these issues, rather than any concerns about impeaching the 10th Senate President.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Sen. Sumaila believes that it is crucial to prioritize the well-being and safety of the Nigerian people. He is dedicated to working collaboratively with his colleagues and relevant stakeholders to address the root causes of insecurity and alleviate the hardships faced by the citizens.

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In addition, he said his vision is to contribute in creating a secured and prosperous Nigeria, where every individual can thrive and fulfill their potential. He remains steadfast in his efforts to bring about positive change and make a lasting impact on the lives of the Nigerian people.

Sen. Sumaila emphasized the importance of democracy and stated that while nothing is impossible in a democratic system, there is no plan or agenda to initiate any impeachment proceedings against the Senate President from their group, led by Sen. Abdulaziz Yari.

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Lastly, he highlighted the need for unity and collaboration within the 10th Senate for the betterment of the Nigerian people.

Abbas Adam Abbas
Special Assistant on Media & Publicity II To Sen. Suleiman Abdulrahman Kawu Sumaila OFR,PhD

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