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Spend your Wealth in the course of Allah,NASAFAT Imam charge Muslims



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By Abdullahi Alhassan and Ummusalma Sani, Kaduna


The chief Imam of Nastrul Lihil-L Fatih Society of Nigeria, (NASFAT) Mosque Utako Abuja, lmam Dr,Sharafudeen Abdulsalam Aliagan,has called on the Muslims to spend their Wealth in the way of Allah, adding that spending in the Curse Of Allah A Precursor To Maximizing Risk.

Imam Sharafudeen is Speaking at an Annual Ramadan lecture of NASFAT Kaduna Zone, with the topic “Spending in the way of Allah A Precursor of maximizing Risq.

The Zonal leading Missionary NASFAT Islamic Centre, Federal capital Territory Abuja, further explained “we try to Earliest date Different Ways of Spending In The Curse of Allah and we Talkarly by Mentioning Spending One Self of Hajj, Spending on Umrah, Lasser Hajj, and on the same time Spending On One’s Parents, Spending On The Orphans, Spending On The Widows, Spending on Indigenes.

We mention but little some of the ways we can Spend our wealth In the Curse of Allah, but actually attract the Reward and we said It Is Important we struggles and Pray to Allah to make Money Because you cannot Worship Allah. This time around in this 21st Millennium you Have to Have Money to be able to Worship Allah Comfortably And Conviniously.

He maintained that the First thing we Did Is to Pray To Allah to Provide It for us and the Issue Of Matimazing Is In Two Ways Number (1)In The Same Quran Allah(S.W.A) says Who’s ever give Allah A Kobo Is going to Multiply It by(10)So Is you trade In the Curse Of Allah You Are assured Of Getting 10 Multiple Times Of What You Spend In The Curse Of Allah.

The Zonal leading Missionary therefore called on Muslims to continue feeding of orphans,the indigene the vonurable is of the major act of Ibadah that attract mercy of Allah, one of the benefit of feedings them is that Allah will continue to protect you from all forms of evil it will never make you fall if you feed orphans you take care of Widows the indigene wallahi all evil that before others Allah will make sure that it those not before you he will protect you against all forms of evils he will protect you from evil of men and jinn, He concluded.

Earlier the Secretary of NASFAT Kaduna Alhaji Suleiman Alebiosun highlights the essence program,” is for us to know our creation the more,is for us to know the benefit embedded in this month of Ramadan is for us to know what are we gaining in spending in the curse of Allah this is why we want to call our people together let them know so that they can do more expecially in this month, for Allah to give us more rewards to all what we are doing inshallah.

“I sincerely appreciate the people that come those that will come that they grace the occasion l sincerely appreciate them we pray that almighty Allah bless them we pray that their tomorrow will be better and greater than today.

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