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Supreme Court Judgement: APC Singer Ratara, sues for peace, support to security agencies.



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As people of Kano await supreme court Judgement over the state Governorship Tussle, a popular APC singer Dauda Abdullahi Adamu Kahutu Ratara has appealed to supporters of the party to support security agencies in maintaining peace and order.

The notable APC figure Rarara, made the call while addressing journalists in Kano at a briefing regarding the impending Supreme Court judgment on the Kano state governorship election, scheduled for December.

He said, “”initially we don’t want to comment on the matter, but considering the importance of the issue we to call for the support of security agencies, particularly the Nigerian Police, to maintain peace in the state.

He also emphasized the law-abiding nature of APC members, the call to promote harmony was extended to the public, urging citizens to contribute to a peaceful atmosphere surrounding the court’s decision.

Rarara reminded the people of Kano about the lawfulness displayed when the National Independent Electoral Commission declared NNPP the winner in the last governorship election.

He said the then APC-led government adhered to the law, handing over governance to the NNPP candidate. Subsequently, the APC pursued legal channels, challenging NNPP’s victory at the Election Petition Tribunal.

Appealing for calmness and discouraging any actions that could disrupt the existing peace, Rarara also urged the public to support the efforts of the Nigerian Police and other security agencies. Acknowledging that peace is foundational for development, the speakers underscored the importance of unity in the state.

”As the Supreme Court judgment approaches, the APC encourages citizens to embrace tranquility, reinforcing the belief that peace is paramount for progress and development. The plea resonates with the understanding that fostering a harmonious environment is crucial, regardless of political outcomes””

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