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(Opinion) Unmasking the Veil of Silence: The Intricacies of Senator Abdul Ningi’s Suspension and Nigeria’s Budgetary Crisis”



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The suspension of Senator Abdul Ningi by the 10th Senate for his audacious assertion of a 3 trillion naira budget padding in the 2024 Federal Republic of Nigeria budget is not merely a disciplinary action; it symbolizes a deeper malaise that threatens the very fabric of our nation’s future.

Amidst swirling allegations, another distinguished senator alleges a staggering 500 million naira windfall for each ranking member, shrouded in opacity and accountability lacunae, laying bare the Senate’s murky depths.

Meanwhile, as the masses languish in the quagmire of poverty, senators luxuriate in opulent allowances and emoluments, emblematic of a government that revels in extravagant purchases like a presidential yacht, while turning a blind eye to the populace’s pressing needs. The Senate’s deafening silence on the dollarization of the economy, exacerbating the plight of ordinary Nigerians, rings disconcertingly loud.

In suspending Senator Abdul Ningi, the Senate not only tramples upon the electoral rights of his senatorial district but also flagrantly flouts the tenets of democratic governance and legal probity. It is disconcerting that individuals ensnared in the labyrinth of criminal allegations, such as the erstwhile Senate President Akpabio, wield considerable power within the hallowed halls of the Senate.
Bauchi state, the bastion of Senator Abdul Ningi’s political lineage, must muster the fortitude to mount a robust legal challenge, safeguarding their representative’s sacrosanct constitutional rights.

The Senate, custodian of our democratic ethos, stands at the precipice of accountability, and acquiescing to this suspension would constitute an egregious assault on the sanctity of our democratic principles and the sacrosanct Nigerian constitution.

M.B. Musa, PhD

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