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Use Sporting activities to promote Unity among Pupils- NOUN VC tells Teachers



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By Abdullahi Alhassan and Ummusalma Sani Kaduna


The Vice Chencellor of National Open university (NOUN) Professor Olufemi A Peters, have called on Teachers to use Sporting activities in promoting Unity among devised community in the Country as sporting activities have no religion, no ethnicity, no boundary.

The Vice Chencellor is speaking shortly at the just concluded 6 Edition of Inter House sports competition at National Open university (NOUN) NOUN Staff School Primary Section in Kaduna state.

Professor Peters,explained that
looking at the celebration it was so exciting they were very happy the blue house that lift the big trophy. You will see socialization you will see leadership, you will see comradeship, you know and kind of you know the division they face that divided where removed there was no issues of religion or where you came from or tribe or anything very characteristics of sports and it was quite encouraging if it grows up like that l think is good for us as a country.

Represented by Professor lsaac S Butswat Deputy Vice Chencellor administration,Ceremony of a with long Of Inter House Competition by pupils in our NOUN staff primary school, there are number of houses, four(4)houses the blue house, the green, the yellow and the red.

He said that the Competition was quite exciting and the kind of skill and talented hand so that we know from right now who among the pupils has the potential for good running for sporting activities you can pick who is really the best who is likely to develop a carrier along that line.

Professor lsaac maintained that Everybody that participated deserve an award and l make sure that was done. The last position which was the 3rd the certificate of participation was given, the 3rd position was Weldon they had their cup and i told them i urge them to make effort to go to the 2nd or 1st position.

The 2nd position was the one that took 1st last time is normal in life you don’t always get the very best so i told them to try and make up next time so that they can take over the very best position. For those that took 1st which is blue house is so happened that i was in blue house during my secondary school days in the early 17s and i was happy with them they have to work hard to maintain that position and i have to urge them.

He further maintained that,we have is in our stadium and the stadium is being an utter liase the director of our (CHRD) gave an offer to the representative of the isn’t a director of sports or whatever it’s that they can came here and be doing some of their sporting activities and so as part of the community they are welcome we already have the structure in just like erosion is trying to disturb but we are going to do something about it.

Professor lsaac enjoined the Teachers to always countinue to help our selves against our self we should be able to work together as a team weather it’s in sports or learning or any other things,let us avoid those that devide us, let us avoid fighting and quarrelling and so on for the betterment of the whole country.

Also speaking the keynote speaker Dr, Tijjani Yusuf, represented by Barrister Lawal Tagali Tabari said “Sport is what we called something that is alive and I extend it to alive and kicking to the sense that it lips and then it goes from time to time it changes without demination.

He said “It keeps you feet so it is around the learning keeping feet and healthy for those that are able to organize we have to commend them for their indipatagable effort for them to make one healthy and alive and for the children see how they are doing they’re so happy, and their happiness is ours too because we father them the mother’s mother them and they will want to see them happy and this is what we have done now. So we keep glory to God and then we thank those who have organize we trade by the stade up yet to come keeping the institution too alive.

Barrister Tabari streets that, is what they say every given event their should be a winner and a looser.the looser should look at a challenge that next time he should do better and for the winners celebrate their success and they sure that next they could do better and retrained that position and this wish them.and for the losers we prayed that they stayed up and meet up there this is what we have to tell them and we pray for them and we pray for the nation in general.

In her remark the Commissioner of Education Kaduna state, Hajiya Halima Lawal, represented by Mallam Bara’u Sulaiman, Commend the organisers of the Competition, “is something l welcome and is something very cheerful.that the important of school having sports, that school will not be over emphasized.

The teacher’s and lot of lessons to students as a learner’s,teaches them team work, accountability, confidence, self reliance, responsibility and self discipline so sports in school cannot be over emphasize so is an integraph part of learning and the kaduna state government is doing all it can to propose school sports

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