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We all have a role for a Peaceful Nigeria–Gen. Irabor tells Journalists



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The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen. Lucky Irabor, says that journalists and the Armed Forces of Nigeria are partners in progress in ensuring enduring peace and tranquility in the country.

Irabor said this at the opening of a 3-Day Conference on “Enhancing Journalists-Military Cooperation to Checking Insecurity in Nigeria” organised by Zacklair Investment Limited on Tuesday in Abuja.

Represented by the Chief of Defence Civil-Military Cooperation, Rear Adm. Adeseye Ayobanjo, the COAS said that journalists had steadfastly executed the duties of informing, educating and enlightening the public.

Irabor said that the journalists update the public daily on occurrences and activities happening around them and beyond.

He added that Section 217 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria as amended, entrusted the military with the responsibility of defending the country from external aggression.

According to him, the military are also empowered constitutionally to maintain its territorial integrity and securing its borders from violation on land, sea or air.

”It can be deduced that journalists work on the minds and soul of the populace using their medium and platforms to condition the minds of people and  set agenda to enable people make informed decisions on day-to-day issues.”

Irabor said the military on the other hand, had the responsibility of ensuring that the physical space was not threatened or violated by any injurious force or actions.

These actions, he said are perpetuated by enemies of the state that could lead to disruption of peace and orderliness in the society.

He said that journalists and members of the armed forces remained partners in progress that needed each other to actualise the mandates of their professional callings.

“For instance, notwithstanding military monopoly in the use of the weapons of violence, it cannot win the war in the hearts and minds of the people by kinetic means.

“On the other hand, in spite of journalists’ ability to use the power of the pen and media to articulate and disseminate opinions and issues, they need a safe space and conducive environment.

”This is facilitated by the military and other security agencies for human activities to thrive.


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