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Stakeholders commends NLO’s handling of 2023 Nationwide League One Competition



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Stakeholders in the ongoing Nationwide League One (NLO) have expressed satisfaction with the level of preparation and coordination by the organizers across the country.

In a post match chat with journalists after junior pillars encounter with Arewa FC at Sani Abacha Stadium in Kano, the stakeholders commended the organizers for showing professionalism in their operation since the commencement of the competition.

Zaharaddeen Saleh, Chairman of the Kano State Chapter of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN), said the competition has been innovative, particularly with the involvement of the media in all the matches.

He mentioned that arrangements are being made to assign a media officer to each team in accordance with NLO Rules and Regulations.

Team supporters on their part also expressed confidence that the competition will be a successful one, adding that,this is the first ever kind of Nationwide League One where everyone is involved.

However, Abdulgafar Oladimeji, the National Media Officer of the Nationwide League One (NLO),has emphasized that the league’s management will not tolerate any violations of the rules and regulations in the ongoing competition across different centers in the country’s six geopolitical zones.

Also during the post-match interview between Kano Junior Pillars and Arewa FC, Mr. Oladimeji, who also serves as the Sani Abacha Stadium Center Coordinator, stated that the league’s management has provided a conducive atmosphere for all the teams to play, not only at Sani Abacha Stadium but also at other centers nationwide.

He urged all stakeholders to uphold the principles of fair play and sportsmanship in order to achieve the desired goals. Mr. Oladimeji mentioned that most of the challenges have been addressed, and reports from all the other centers indicate that the matches and all aspects of the competition are running smoothly.

He further emphasized that anyone found to be in violation of the rules and regulations would face severe sanctions.

In the match between Kano Junior Pillars and Arewa FC, Kano Junior Pillars emerged victorious with a 2-0 scoreline, and Auwalu Abubakar, wearing jersey number 20, was named the man of the match.

Ahmad Audu Pele, the Technical Adviser of Kano Junior Pillars, praised his team for securing three points but expressed disappointment with their performance, noting a few issues that will be addressed in the next game.

He assured the people of Kano that his team would finish at the top of the group by the end of the competition.

Idris Ibrahim, the Technical Adviser of Arewa FC, despite the loss, expressed satisfaction with his team’s performance and vowed to prepare for the next game, promising victory.

Overall, the NLO and its management are determined to maintain the integrity of the competition and ensure that all participants adhere to the rules and regulations

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